Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Master Makeover - The Plan

So my big project for the summer is to makeover our master bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I revealed the fabric selection via this post. Shortly thereafter, I pulled the trigger and ordered the fabric. Last week the upholsterers picked up the wing back chair and blue chevron fabric, and over the weekend I started and finished sewing four of the curtain panels with the floral fabric. I hung them up on Sunday. Before I get into the curtain details, I thought I'd share some before pictures of the room. Please don't judge...

White store bought 80" curtains

View from the door. These windows had the same white curtains but I removed them to use the rods for the playroom makeover.

We did have a bed skirt but it was ill fitting and ripped. So it was removed and disposed of.

bathroom door (left ) and closet door (right) - both were installed in February when we replaced all of the flat hollow-core doors in our house. All of the doors were primed white and most still need to be painted white.

Even though I am not loving the room now, I think I have a great foundation to work with. I like the paint color, shag rug, window blinds, headboard (West Elm), sconces, dressers, and tables. The room is also pretty big for a 1940s house - that's a California King bed! In addition to changing the curtains I also plan to:
  • Paint all of the doors and trim bright white. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the trim is currently a dirty looking off white.
  • Replace the bedding and make some nice decorative pillows for the bed.
  • Put a bed skirt on the bed.
  • Bring in the reupholstered wing back chair.
  • Re-frame and hang a collection of inherited Japanese woodblock prints.
  • Paint and hang an antique mirror.
  • Add a pop of color to the bedside tables.
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a white low profile fan.
New curtains hung on just two of the windows has already transformed the space. Here again is the before:

And here is the after (two of three windows of it anyway):

The new curtains are 90 inches long and make the ceilings in the room feel much taller. The hardware is from target and is more bold and substantial than the old hardware. I was able to stay on budget by reusing the old curtains as liners for these. By ripping the seams I gained about 15 inches in length and 8 in width - more than enough to line the new 90 inch panels.

I can't wait to share the rest of the room as it comes together!

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Marianne said...

Love the cloth you chose for the new curtains.


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