Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Al Fresco

This week's Iron Craft Challenge was to create something cookout worthy. I love grilling and eating outside in the summer. Its so relaxing and the clean up is super easy. I found my al fresco inspiration at a local Goodwill when I spotted a tin tray and a basket tray. To me they looked liked the perfect landing spot for drinks and cocktail napkins.

A little spray paint (regular and chalkboard), a couple of magnets and ribbon, and viola!

The ribbon strung between the magnets (held in place with hot glue) keeps the napkins from blowing away in the wind - one of the perils of outdoor dining. I know I strayed from my policy of only using materials I already had (I did have everything but the basket and tray), but I love thrifting and making old things new. Now that it is garage sale season you may be seeing more projects like this!


val said...

I really love this idea...very creative and a great way to keep things together!

luluvision said...

such a great idea! Looks great too! Thanks for sharing!


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