Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge - Week 18

This week's challenge was to create something inspired by spring flowers. I have a small collection of vintage flower pins that I try to work into my wardrobe this time of year, and I thought it would be fun to attempt to make my own version. This faux enamel pin is very easy to craft, and used kid friendly materials which makes it a nice little project for little ones to make for mother's day.

Here's the inspiration. Sadly this wonderful collection is not my own, but was spotted on Strawberry Lemonade:

Here's the How-to:

Step 1: Cut out two "cups" and a circle from a cardboard egg carton. I used a nickle as the template for the circle.
Step 2: Cut slits in the cup to create flower petals
Step 3: Trim the tops of one of the cup's petals by about a centimeter (grey cup pictured)
Step 4: Paint the cups and circle. I used acrylic craft paint.
Step 5: Once the paint dries, spray the cups (both sides) and the circle with a glossy, clear spray paint.
Step 5. glue the pieces together (cup with shorter petals on top). Make sure you line up the grooves on the bottom of the cups so that they fit together snugly.
Step 6: Attach a pin with hot glue. I added a little felt backer to mine before attaching the pin.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

How fun, Amanda! I would have never thought to use egg cartons to create a flower pin.


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