Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was traveling for work and was simply too tired to blog at night due to jet lag. I did manage to whip up my submission for the Iron Craft Oscars Challenge before I left. The week 9 challenge was to create something inspired by film or the Oscars. One of my favorite things about the Oscars is the fashion. I love the dresses, the jewels, the shoes. I used the red carpet glitz and glam as my inspiration and made myself my own "show stopping" necklace. It's, admittedly, a little over the top - but it wouldn't be red carpet inspired if it wasn't.

To make your own necklace you'll need:
- pellon interfacing
- hot glue
- buttons (mine were all vintage or made using one of these little kits)
- fabric
- needle and thread (optional)

First decide on the shape of your necklace. The one I made for Iron craft was a half circle. I decided to use a crescent shape for this tutorial. Cut the pellon into the desired shape of the necklace. Next, select a fabric to use as the base of the necklace. Thinner fabric works better for this. I used a very thin gauzy cotton from an old shirt. Iron the fabric to the pellon interfacing, wrap and glue the excess fabric on to the other side of the shape.

To hang the necklace around my neck I made two cords out of an old black rayon scarf. I cut the scarf into 6 strips then braided two cords. I attached them to the pellon base by poking small holes on both sides of the base and attaching them to the base with brads. You could also use ribbon, chain salvaged from another necklace, or strands of beads.

Now for the embellishments. before gluing or stitching anything on to my base I played around with the fabric to create fun shapes, then experimented with the arrangement until it looked"right" to me. Embellishing the necklace is the fun part. You can use trim, buttons, beads, scraps, charms, or just fabric shaped into flowers. For some great fabric flowers tutorials click here, here, and here. I cut the ruffle right off the shirt that I also used for the base fabric, and glued it on to the base. Also, to make sure the buttons were secure, I sewed them on to the base before applying a dab of hot glue.

Once your necklace is embellished to your satisfaction I suggest gluing or stitching on a backer (I used a scrap of black cotton) to hide the glued down fabric and any stitches from securing the buttons.

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