Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge - Week 11

This week's Iron Craft challenge was to create something green. Since I missed last week's fat quarter challenge due to a case of strep throat, I decided to create something this week that was a combination of the two challenges. I found the perfect inspiration in a bag of scarves and decided to transform one of them into a clutch.

I love vintage scarves and have a hard time passing them up when I find them in thrift stores or at tag sales. I had a few green scarves in my stash to chose from, and I settled on a bright green wool blend with a" Made in Japan" tag. It is the perfect color for spring.

If you are new to sewing, this is a good beginner project.

Step 1: Select a scarf and iron it on to a piece of Pellon fusible interfacing (shiny side to wrong side of the scarf).

Step 2: Cut out the portion of the scarf that would would like to use for the purse. I used a 12" X 17" rectangle for my purse. Do the same thing with the fabric that you would like to line your purse with. I used a piece of blue silk taffeta. I did not fuse the liner fabric to Pellon interfacing.

Step 3: Fold both rectangles (right side to right side) 6 inches from bottom to creating an 11" X 12" rectangle. Pin the areas where the fabric is folded and use a straight stitch on the sewing machine to close the openings. You will end up with two "envelopes".

Step 4: To give the clutch some dimension take the corners at the bottom of the envelopes, and smush them seam to fold (along the bottom of the clutch). Using your sewing machine, stitch 1" in from the point of each smushed corner. I am sure there is a technical term for this technique. If you know it, please leave it in the comments.

Step 5: Cut off the tips of points you created in step 4, and turn the scarf envelope rightside out.

Step 6: Slide the scarf envelope into the liner envelope. The right sides of the fabrics should be facing each other.

Step 7: Leaving a 3 inch opening along the envelope flap (see arrow) and stitch the two envelopes together. I rounded the corners of the flap when I did this, but you could also keep them square.

Step 8: Use the 3 inch opening along the flap to turn the clutch rightside out. Smooth the liner into the clutch and press the seams with an iron.

Step 9: Top stitch all seams. I added a little snap to mine. You could also use Velcro or a button closure.

Do you think you'll give this project a try? If you do please post pics to the Facebook page.

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Tabitha said...

That bag is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. I'm bookmarking it. :-)


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