Monday, January 10, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

Its hard to believe that just a little over a year ago that my family moved into our home in the DC area. Last holiday season we were living out of boxes. We were also busy making our to-do list for this house, as you may recall from this post. We managed to get a lot done and I thought you might like an update, as well as our to-do list of projects for 2011

In 2010 the hubby and I set out to:
1. Paint shutters and front door - We plan to do this in 2011. With so much to do inside our house the outside fell to the bottom of the list.
2. Paint walls and trim in breakfast room, and dry wall ceiling - I still need to paint the trim around the window and the exposed brick wall. We are replacing the entry door in this room and I plan to paint once its installed.

3. Paint kitchen cabinets white and change out hardware - We took this a step further and installed a new microwave and faucet too! We need to have a professional come in to swap out the water filter faucet. The garbage disposal is in the way and we don't want to mess with that! More kitchen pictures here.

4. Paint, decorate, and organize the nursery - You can read all about this project here.

5. Replace railings on stairs - This turned out to be a VERY expensive proposition. A friend with metal railings in her home, painted them black and they look great. I am going to remove the gold finial and do the same. Care to weigh in?
6. Replace runner on stairs

7. Paint dining room (I'm thinking grey) - I also added curtains (details here) and recently, a new rug.

8. Change outdated light fixtures - finding affordable fixtures that match the one in the entry hall has been tough. I did score this one for $55 on EBay. With a little work it will be great. Now if lightning would just strike twice.

9. Paint trim and radiators in bathrooms white - the vintage tile is actually in great condition - On hold because we decided to get new doors (more about this next month) which will also need to be painted. I figure I might as well do all of the painting at the same time.
10. Remodel basement - we'll leave this one to the professionals - Done! I know you are still waiting on the playroom and craft room reveal. Its hard to keep both rooms organized enough for photos! I promise to post pics by March.

Here's what we plan to tackle in 2011:
1. Replace tacky light fixtures
2. Landscape back yard
3. Paint bathroom radiators white
4. Paint shutters and front door
5,6,& 7. Paint trim, drywall ceiling, and replace exterior door in breakfast room. This room also needs some SERIOUS weatherizing and insulation.
8. Paint stair railing black
9 & 10.  Replace all interior doors (the current doors are flat, hollow, and ugly) and re-paint trim throughout house (if we don't do this the trim will look very dirty next to our bright white doors).

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