Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iron Craft - Week 4

I'm back from vacation and back to work. After sifting through a sea of endless emails it was nice to set aside a little crafting time on Monday night to unwind. The project, the iron craft challenge of the week "make a coffee cozy". Once again I strayed outside of the parameters a bit, although not quite as far as I did for the draft dodger challenge. Guilt set in when I saw the Iron Craft post on Wednesday which included the following:

" Please embrace the week's challenge. You are welcome to think outside of the box & make the challenge fit your skills & interests but if we ask you to make a scarf & you bake cookies well that's not embracing the challenge is it? Let's face it every challenge is not going to be a perfect fit for everyone but we look at Iron Craft as a change to stretch our crafting wings, a chance to try & learn new things."

Um yeah, I think they were referring to me. So this week I created two items in response to the challenge. One inside the box and one slightly outside. Let's start outside and work our way in. I embraced this as a beverage cozy challenge and started thinking about my own beverage needs. I immediately thought of my metal water bottles and how cold they are to hold and how annoying it is when they "sweat". So I whipped up a little sleeve/bag to hold my bottle (I'll post the instructions tomorrow) and keep my hands from getting wet and/or cold .

Now for the in the box idea. I made my coffee cozy out of cork contact paper and felt. I had both on hand from another project and thought the insulating properties of cork would be perfect for the challenge. I used a Starbucks cardboard cozy as a template, added a scalloped edge, used a hole punch so that some of the red felt could been seen under the cork, and added a button and elastic to hold it together (instructions also to be posted tomorrow).

With the exception of the first challenge, so far I have felt like the Iron Craft challenges have been a bit too specific (make a draft dodger, make bunting, make a coffee cozy). I hope they get more challenging. Even if they don't I'll continue to challenge myself to create something unique every week.


kat said...

Funny thing is we weren't talking about you at all actually. It's hard to come up with challenges that'll make all 190 people happy. What you think is easy might be really challenging to someone else. It's all about how you chose to do it yourself.

Amanda said...

Kat, I think you all are doing a great job! I felt like I totally copped out with my "personal draft dodger". I don't think the challenges are necessarily easy; I think the challenge for me is that all of the challenges so far (with the expection of the fist) have been for things I have made in the past - its hard to reimagine and recreate things I have made before. Which I supose is the whole idea behind IC :)


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