Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iron Craft - Week 2

This week's challenge, "make a draft dodger or door snake," didn't initially get my creative juices flowing. I do have one particularly drafty door, but it is being replaced in a couple of weeks. I hate to create something I don't need, so I started thinking about spinning the challenge. Since I am going to be visiting family in Colorado this month, I decided to create a couple of personal "draft dodgers". One for my ears and one for my neck. I hope the creative folks behind Iron Craft don't shun me for basically ignoring their instructions this week!

To create my ear warmer, I used an old fleece ear warmer I've had since the late 90s as my template. I basically just laid it out flat, traced it, and cut out two rectangles (one of fleece one of felted wool from an old sweater) giving my self 1/2 inch seam allowance on all sides. If you don't have your own ear warmer to use as a template you'll want to cut your rectangles to be 25"L x 4" W.

I sewed the two pieces together (right sides in) leaving a 3 inch opening along one of the long sides. I turned it inside out and top stitched the entire thing to close up the 3" opening. I re-used the Velcro from my old ear warmer. I used scraps of the felted sweater and buttons for the embellishments. Once again, I didn't have to buy any new supplies for the challenge.

ear warmer circa early 90s

You can find additional ear warmer tutorials here and here.

To create the neck warmer I followed this pattern and added felted wool embellishments. I was not happy with the fit of my first neck warmer attempt, so I added 5" to pattern for a 25" X 25" square.

If you are new to sewing these are both very easy projects.

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