Friday, October 29, 2010

A Travel Inspired Nursery

A reader contacted me to help her design a nursery with a “travel theme” for her baby boy, due this winter. The Mommy and Daddy To-be are planning to live in their current home for a couple of years so they would like a nursery that will also work for baby boy when he becomes a toddler. About a week after I started working on the design, my client texted me a picture of a midcentury modern rocking chair that she found at a thrift store for $45! The room design instantly evolved to an Eclectic Midcentury Travel theme.
The “Big Pieces”

Crib Bedding – The Land of Nod On the Dot Bedding fits the theme perfectly. It is mod, crisp, and fun. At $199 its very affordable compared to other popular options.

Accent Wall – I would like to paint an accent wall of stripes to add some interest to the room. I recommend painting three walls a light grey and painting the accent wall grey, gold, and blue (all pulled from the bedding) I haven’t nailed down the exact colors yet, and won’t until I can sit down with the actual bedding and my trusty Benjamin Moore color wheel. I’d like to hang a book ledge on the accent wall to display at least four of M. Siasek’s This Is… books.

Crib – A Mod nursery really wouldn’t work without a mod crib. The Baby Mod Crib available at Walmart fits the bill perfectly, and for $281 it doesn’t bust the budget.

Rug – When baby starts crawling, his room will become his pay area and he will need a nice soft surface to play on. The shag rug I have selected is a nod to the vintage theme and adds some warmth to room. This budget friendly rug from may work, but I am afraid it will be a bit too bright. I think something along the lines of this rug from Rosenberry Rooms may work better. If we can't find an affordable yellow rug, a cream colored shag rug will work and may be easier to find.

Chair and Dresser – The chair (similar to the one pictured but with lighter wood and brown leather) was a rare find a great deal! I have tasked the homeowner with scouring Craig’s List and local thrift stores to find a dresser like this, this or this to compliment the chair. Hopefully lightning will strike twice.

Window Treatments – I am really digging all things chevron at the moment and I think floor to ceiling chevron drapes would add to interest and boost the eclectic feel of the room. I think either grey and white or blue and white fabric would work well. I found a couple of Etsy sellers (This Litte Home and Nena Von) that make custom drapes and have fabric that I think would work (approximately $130-150 per pair).

The Accessories

There are so many accessories out there that could work in this room. The following are some of my favorites, and many are things that could be added over time.

Lighting – I love the mod and inexpensive ceiling light from IKEA ($29). The desk light ($49 & also IKEA), although a little grown-up, compliments the red in the bedding and is something that can grow with baby. For a night light I want to put a vintage globe light in the room (many options available on Etsy).

Art – I would like to hang this trio of art together - World Map, Oh Darling, and Where I've Never Been. They allude to travel and they don’t scream nursery, making them another element of the room that can grow with baby. I have also selected a piece of art for the mobile. The non-traditional mobile is unexpected and so perfectly aligned with the midcentury modern design.

Toys and Games – A travel themed room wouldn’t be complete without Paddington bear, especially since the Mommy-to-be spent part of her childhood living in England. When baby gets a bit bigger, he might enjoy playing with the large felt world map or blocks inspired by famous world architecture.

Storage – In keeping with the travel theme and to add some additional color to the room, I’d like to bring in a couple of these little suitcases (available at Land Of Nod or for storage. Luggage tags could be used to identify their contents such as diapers, baby toys, burp cloths, and keepsakes.

I am really excited about this design and I can’t wait to see it all in place - and share the final room with you!


Better Browns said...

As if having your first child was not exciting enough, we are now both (yes, even Dad to be) thrilled about the nursery project. This design board captures our vision perfectly!

Stacey said...

I LOVE this!!

Better Browns said...

Gray walls and possession of two Sasek books -baby steps (pun intended) taken.


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