Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Green Halloween

Well sort of... The only thing green about this Halloween is Elliot's costume. Not because its made out of repurposed materials or anything like that. The green is in the theme, recycling. When I asked Elliot what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said "a garbage man." Mommy spun this idea a bit and convinced him that a recycling truck would be much cooler. Because Beatrice is too little to have an opinion or stage a protest, she "agreed" to be a recycling can.

The recycling truck is made out of foam board. I assembled it with hot glue and duct tape (inside for reinforcement). I used Modge Podge to cover it with green tissue paper. The recycling trucks where we live are actually blue, but I already had green paper. Elliot helped tear and apply the paper to the truck.

back of truck

Beatrice's costume is basically a silver lamé rectangle lined with black fleece. It attaches to the baby carrier with fleece ties in the top corners. The most difficult thing about her costume was appliqueing on the recycling symbol and making the lid/hat, and only because the lamé is pretty delicate.

Can you tell I love Halloween? I wish I had time to decorate the whole house. Unfortunately, creating these costumes consumed most of my free time to decorate. It will all be worth it though when we go trick-or-treating. Have any of you created Halloween costumes for your kids? Share them on the Facebook page and help inspire others.

Need more ideas? Click here to see Elliot's 2008 cosutme, and here to see his costume from 2009.


Fran said...

How creative!! Too cute - seriously! We made our son's firetruck costume (not too similar from your garbage truck) two Halloween's ago - he still plays w/it!!! I love homemade costumes better than store bought ones!

Stacey said...

I LOOOOVE the so cute!! (And I like the recycling theme...) I think the license plate is the best part!


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