Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun With Paper

If you are regular reader of this blog, you know that I have been in the process of decorating our recently remodeled basement; specifically my new craft room and playroom/guestroom. Three papers have played a big role in the design inspiration for each room (Pool Dots Wrapping Paper, Snow and Graham Tweets, and Elum Driftwood):

Project 1: Updated Desk Top
A few years ago I picked up two antique salvaged doors at a thrift store in Richmond for a steal. I bought these legs from Ikea and made the doors into desks which I put to good use in my basement studio/craft room in Richmond. My new craft/studio space is much smaller so I was only able to use one of the desks. The other found a new home thanks to Craigslist.

Before Paper

After Paper  (the chair got a face lift too)
To spruce up the desk for my new space I painted it glossy white, and filled in the door panels with foam board covered in the Snow and Graham Tweets Paper. Filling in the panels with foam board not only created a smooth surface to lay the paper on, but also enabled me to use a thinner plexi glass (the thicker the more expensive) to cover the desk top without losing the support I need for my sewing machine and serger.

Project 2: Containing the Clutter
With two small children in the house I never seem to have a shortage of empty formula, Ovaltine, and the like canisters. I have recycled quite a few of them by covering them with paper. Now they store craft supplies in my office and the playroom. Covering the canisters was super simple and didn't even require measuring. I simply cut the existing labels off the canisters and used them as templates. I secured the paper using double sided tape.

Project 3: Brighter Bookcase
One of the first, of MANY, projects I completed in the playroom was the sprucing up of an old Ikea bookcase. Like many Ikea furniture pieces, it was easy to deconstruct. First I removed the back (navy blue) panel, then I removed all of the shelves. Next, I wiped it down to remove any dust and dirt; then I spray painted everything but the back panel white. While the spray paint was drying I used spray adhesive to cover the back panel with the Pool Dots paper. Lining up the paper with the panel requires some precision, so to I recommend using a repositionable adhesive for this project.
Before - Ready for Paint
Once everything was dry I slid and nailed the panel back into place,  added the shelves, and filled it with books and other play room essentials.

The best thing about all of these paper projects? If I get tired of a print or pattern it can be easily changed! The worst thing about paper projects? Once you get started its hard to stop. I had also thought about making a dry erase board, sprucing up some clothes pins for the playroom, and using the paper as art, or to highlight art.

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