Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Space of My Own

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our AC died last week so the kids and I headed out of town until it was fixed. My poor hubby stayed behind to deal with the repairman etc. We came home on Tuesday morning and I have been swamped playing catch up.

My house is nice and cool now and with the hot days ahead of us, I have many interior projects planned. One project that I am very excited about is my new craft room. We just finished our basement remodel (an 11 week process) and as part of it, we took out a wall and carved out a little space at the bottom of the stairs that I can use as my craft room.

I have big plans for this little space and I hope to complete the transformation this weekend. So you may recall from this post, that one of my goals for the year was to remodel the basement. Although the following before picture is not of the exact space where my new craft room is now located you get the idea of what we were working with.


After Remodel, Before Decorating
So far I have hung shelves and a light in the new space (both from Ikea), placed my desk (which was one of two in my old house that I made from salvaged doors and Ikea legs) and a chair against the wall, and tucked storage bins filled with fabric under the desk.  I plan to recover the chair and do something fun with the desk top. I will be using the following papers as inspiration. Stay tuned.

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kellyerace said...

Oh, if only I could borrow you for a few hours to get some ideas for my space. It's a disaster. It's my book warehouse/office/creative space above the garage. It's my "woman cave"! And it's full of boxes of crap. I'm inspired to work on it now. Off I go. Can't wait to see how your room turns out!


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