Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Letter Perfect

The last project I completed before the big reveal of Beatrice's nursery was the "tin" B above her crib. I really wanted to hang something above her bed, but I didn't want a framed piece of art. Inspiration struck me when I spotted a display of these while walking through Home Depot. They are made to look like old tin ceiling tiles, but they are made out of plastic.

I used my new tin tile to make a large B to hang above Beatrice's bed. Not only does it look like real tin (which would have been a pain to cut), but it adds another unique and personal touch to the room.

To make my tin B, first I drew the outline of a B using a sharpie on the tile. Before I started drawing I used the computer to print out several large Bs in different fonts as inspiration. Next, I used scissors to cut out my B. The plastic was very easy to cut. Then, I spray painted it white using Krylon Fusion for Plastic paint (glossy white). After the B had dried I mounted it on the wall above Beatrice's bed using 3M Command Picture Hangers (click here for coupon).

Have you used faux or real tin tiles as part of a recent decorating project? Tell me about it and I might post your pictures in a future post.


Fran said...

Adorable! So creative....I'm thinking of using faux tin tiles for a project I have in mind. I'll keep you posted!

Amanda said...

Thanks Fran! Please do let me know what you do with faux tin tiles. There are so many possibilities!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Very cool, Amanda! Great idea -- I love it!

Stephanie said...

Wish you lived closer so that you could help me with Emery's room. Almost a year later, it still isn't what I want exactly. Wish I had your style -- our apartment furniture/decor in college always looked great because of you! Hope you're doing well! BTW, I will be in your area in October for a conference. Would love to meet up with you if possible!

CZYK Publishing said...

This is a great idea!


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