Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty Packages

Baby Girl's room is almost ready for her arrival! Over the next few days I'll be cleaning and organizing like crazy! Although I promised the big reveal of her room before she arrives, unfortunately her crib bedding hasn't arrived yet (on back order until who knows when), and it simply wouldn't be a big reveal without it. In the mean time I'll continue to post bits and pieces of the room as they come together.

Today I thought I'd share a simple sewing project I completed to store baby wipes. We buy our wipes in bulk at Costco and although they are cheap and packaged in a very practical way, they are not exactly pretty. So in order to keep my wipes in close proximity to the changing pad without having to toss them in a drawer or compromise the aesthetics of the room, I whipped up a little wipe holder. Want instructions? let me know and I'll email an easy to follow PDF your way!


Chris said...

I love the baby wipe holder. Very cute :)

Evy said...

What a novel idea and so cute... as an expectant grandma,
I am trying to help "build" the baby's room.
I'd love your construction notes on the wipe holder. THANKS!

Mommyof2 said...

hi, I love the idea of our wipes cover, how can I get your template/instructions?.


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