Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Girl's Nursery Part II: Curtains, the Final Installment

I promise that no other part of designing Baby Girl's nursery will have so many steps! At last the curtains are hung and I love them. They are soft, sweet, and they add so much color to the room.

I hung them a little higher than I normally would to "add" some height to the room. Working with wood hardware was a little tricky because the rods had to be cut to size. This meant I had to make perfect measurements, as there would be no opportunity for adjustment once the curtains were hung. I must admit there are a few tiny holes that need to be patched as a result of my poor measuring.

Stay tuned, next I'll be turning my attention to lighting the room.


Lindsay Pack said...

Looks GREAT Amanda!!

bashtree said...

Amanda, these are wonderful! I am so cray about the print!


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