Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Girl's Nursery - Part I

Baby girl’s room is starting to take shape. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about the process of designing the room and the little design projects that, I hope, will make it a very special nursery. I promise to post pics of the completed room before our little darling arrives.

When designing a room, the first thing I like to do is think about the pieces that I already own that I would like to use in the room. In this instance I was working with a crib, 2 dressers (the larger of the two is a Goodwill find that had been in our guest room and the other was mine from childhood), and a blue rug. I purchased the rug from Pottery Barn Kids when Elliot was born. At the time, I wasn’t thinking that we would move and that I would completely redecorate his room before he turned two. The rug is very nice and wasn’t cheap so using it in the room was a must.

The furniture was easy to deal with. I painted the two dressers a fresh coat of semi gloss white and simply wiped down the crib (it was pretty dusty after sitting in storage for 5 months). With all of the furniture “matching” I set out to find fabric for the curtains and crib bedding that would complement the rug and give the room a girly feel. After MUCH searching I found both.

This time around I decided to purchase bedding. I made Elliot’s and although I love that it was custom, it was a very time consuming process. I settled on Pottery Barn’s Coco Dot bedding. With the bedding being somewhat simple, I decided to have some fun with the curtain fabric and selected a print called DF66Ivory from the Leanika collection by Dena Designs. I love the hand drawn feel of the pattern and that it complements the blues of both the bedding and the rug.

With fabric in hand it was time to choose a paint color for the walls. I find that it is much easier to select a paint color based on fabric vs. a fabric based on paint color. Now for the shocker – I immediately gravitated to the pinks! I found what I think is the perfect shade, Benjamin Moore’s Pink Peony. It is a couple of shades lighter than the pink it the curtain fabric so it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

So there you have it. The key elements of the room have been selected, however the work is far from over. Next I’ll be turning my attention to sewing and hanging curtains, selecting lighting, dressing up the walls, organizing, and accessorizing.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter's room looks so lovely! I used that same color in my daughter's room and it is like Pepto Bismal exploded in there! Way too pink! But yours looks perfect!! Funny how the colors can all be so different in the different lights! Congrats on your sweet baby girl!

Amanda said...

I was hesitant to use pink for that reason. Its a pretty light pink so I amazed it looked like Pepto in your daugter's room. How the room is lit does make a big difference. Beatrice's room has three windows and gets lots of natural light. I hope you found a better pink.

Anonymous said...


I love your nursery! I am completely overwhelmed by the prospect of decorating a nursery, so I am looking here and there for inspiration. May I ask where your rug is from?

I have some nice old darker wood dressers that I could use in the nursery. I'm thinking of leaving them as is, but getting a white crib. Did you decide to paint yours because the finishes were worn, or because you wanted a consistent look?

Thanks so much!

Amanda said...

I think the key to decorating a nursery, or any room, is to start with one object, color, or piece of furniture you like and build the design from there. This nursery started with the rug, which is from pottery barn kids, and three little Beatrix potter figurines. I think its fine to mix painted with unpainted furniture. Mine were all white to start with, I just freshened them up with a new coat of paint.
If you do mix painted and unpainted furniture pieces you can tie them together by bringing in other painted and wood items into the room. For example, framing pictures in a mix of painted and wood frames (similar wood as furniture) or hanging natural shades behind your curtains (http://tinyurl.com/28qn7ae). You could also use fabric to tie pieces together. For example, you could make a cover for your diaper changing pad (that will sit on one of your dressers) out of a fabric that coordinates with your bedding.

If you are interested I'd be happy to create a design board for you to provide some additional inspiration. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! How would a design board work? Is there a website that would instruct me how to put one together? Maybe I can put one together and then seek your comments? My other issue is that I like sooo many things that they sometimes seem inconsistent. Should I try contacting you through your Etsy store, or continue posting here?

Thank you,

Amanda said...

I charge $75 per design board. If you are interested, I'll need you to send me the dimensions of the room and exisiting furniture; and pitures of any exisiting furniture, art, fabric etc. that you would like to use. Its also helpful to know the gender of the baby, color likes, dislikes, if you want to use a theme etc., and your budget.

I'll create a design board that includes a suggested room layout; paint colors, fabrics, furnishings, and links and prices for all of the selections.

I am sure I can find a way to make all of the things you like work together. If you are interested please shoot me a note through my etsy shop.

You can see pics of some of my recent design boards on my facebook page.


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