Saturday, January 30, 2010

It’s like Jewelry for Furniture

My sister and I are both due in April and we are both having little girls. With this being my second pregnancy, and given my recent move from a four to a three bedroom home I have a few extra furnishings to pass along to my sister including a changing table and a dresser/cabinet. The dresser was used in both mine and my sister's nurseries when we were babies, so it seems appropriate that we should each have a turn using it in our children's rooms.

When I decorated Elliot's room I removed the old knobs (several of which were broken) and painted wood knobs to match his nursery decor. Although blue and green is nice, it won't work for Lindsay's little girl. Before sending the dresser her way I thought I should at least point her in the direction of some more appropriate hardware...

1. Ceramic Melon Knob, Anthropologie ($8.00 each)
2. Small Zinnia Knob, Anthropologie ($6.00 each)
3. Brook Owl Gingham Polka Dot Drawer Knob Pulls, Sweet Petites Boutique ($5.50)
4. Violette Knob, Anthropologie ($8.00 each)
5. Blue Polka Dotted Cloud Knobs, Knobs ($14.00 for pair)
6. Simple Pastel Daisies Drawer Pull, Lollipop Kisses ($10.00 each)
7. Victorian Glass Knob, Elizabeth Embelishments ($2.50 each)
8. Rose Iron Drawer Knob, Elizabeth Embelishments ($2.95 each)
9. Cherry Tree Flower Drawer Knobs, Sweet Mix Creations ($28.00 for four)
10. Liberty Hardware Acrylic Knobs, Target ($18.99 for four)


Unknown said...

I did this several times for my son and daughter over the years with the same chest. They were 8 years apart so I was able to use the same piece of furniture. At the time, they also had a large 1960's kind of daisy that you put on behind the knob, so I used those on my daughter and it gave a real kick of color to the chest.
And the chest above looked very familiar as I had one similar when I was a child (over 55 years ago) and it is at this moment in my garage full of stuff. I have a new grandson and my daughter is looking for a dresser, maybe I should offer this old one to her. lol

Amanda said...

Kpaints - you should pull it out of storage ASAP! It may be old, but its probably better made than most of the stuff being sold now. I was amazed by what a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware did for this dresser.


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