Friday, September 4, 2009

Stress Relief

My life is filled with stress. The stress of selling our home, buying a move home, moving, living 200+ miles away from my husband, work...etc. I know that in a matter of months our lives will be back on track, and that in the scheme of things I am truly blessed...but there are days when I feel like the stress is just too much. I think I need to arrange for a spa day. At the very least I could add some relaxation aids to my daily routine. Any of these found on Etsy would do nicely.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Vintage French Affair Tea Cups by Summerground, Keep Calm Print by By Order of the Crown, Dead Sea Bath Salts by Mooka Soap, Rainy Day Candle by Purbliss, Set of Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillows by Simple Sweet Design, White Beach Pebbles by SJ Engraving.

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