Thursday, July 16, 2009

Setting the Stage

Its official, our house is on the market! The sign and went up today and the listing is live. This is our first home, so although we have been through the process as buyers, we are new to the selling side of things.

In today’s declining real-estate market you basically have to pull out all of the stops to get your house sold. To get our house ready we spent the last five days (which is why I have been MIA) painting, fixing, cleaning, packing and staging. As a an artist and lover of design, I bristled at the notion of someone coming into my home and telling what I needed to fix, change, or remove. But a staging the house was part of the marketing package offered by our realtor so I agreed to it and set up a time to meet with Holly Chasan of Maison James Interior Design.

Holly came over in the midst of chaos as we were knee deep projects. Despite the craziness she was able to see through it all, and get a good feel for our design sensibility. After walking through the house and taking photos of all of the rooms she went back to her office, and produced a six page list of staging ideas and suggestions.

What I liked about Holly’s list is that she paid attention to what we had, and offered ideas that were budget friendly (if not free) that fit in with our decorating style. Thanks to Holly, we were able to furnish and stage what had previously been an empty room - using furniture and accessories from other rooms and $10 which we spent on a pillow and case.

I have to say, the house has never looked better. Check out the photo's and tour here and be sure to forward the link along to anyone in the market for a house in Richmond, VA.

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