Friday, July 24, 2009

Handle With Care

On Monday my husband started his new job in Rockville Maryland. Until the house sells and we buy a new home in the DC area, he’ll spend his weekdays in Northern Virginia and weekends in Richmond. Elliot and I miss him very much. I think next week I am going to surprise him with a care package. I plan to fill it with little reminders of home and goodies that I know will lift his spirits. As usual, I found a lot of inspiration on Etsy.

Since he just started a new job, I'd like to send him something for his new office. I love the wood grain print on this key board wrist rest by eightXeight. He may also need some nourishment to get him through those long days at the office, I think these cookies by The Fancy Lady Gourmet would do the trick!

To remind him of his favorite little buddy I would send him this fun giraffe tee by Sheriff Peanut. Of course I would buy the pint sized version too so that father and son could wear their shirts together on the weekends. Did I mention that the giraffe is one of Elliot's favorite animals?

To encourage him to continue to cook health meals for himself I would send along something for the kitchen like the manly spoon rest I found at YAVA Glass. Speaking of manly, nothing says macho like fancy soap. Unless of course the soap has a name like Warm Sandstone and no frills packaging like the soap I found at Vistah Soap. I especially like that this soap is available in "short stay size" - a reminder that the distance between us is temporary.

To keep him up to date on the things that happen in our lives while we are a part (like new words Elliot is learning) I'll keep a journal and share it with him on weekends. The journal/card I found on Journal Junky couldn't be more perfect. I think I might also send him a "photo of the week" of Elliot. I'd send the first one along with this adorable frame found on Sealed With a Fish.

Lastly, to give him something to remind him of us every night, Elliot and I would write him a sweet note on the postcard pillow for sale in Olive's Shop.

This blog has made me miss him even more. Thank goodness its Friday and he'll be home tonight!


The Fancy Lady said...

aww your such a sweet wife i like to send my treats to my boyfriend he lives far away right now lol Thanks so much for mentioning me , i blog as well - The Fancy Lady

Nicole Annette said...

Hi. That is sooo sweet. Thank you for the honor of mentioning my little "journal-greeting"-Journal Junky


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