Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free to Decorate

I know, I know...its already been blogged about and pretty much everyone knows about it, but I couldn't resist writing a post about my new favorite thing - Freecycle. If you are not part of your local Freecycle network you need to sign up. Basically via a listserv, Richmond's is administered through a Yahoo group, people post things they want to give away or things they would like to receive.

I have been a member for a week and I have already found a home for a box of fire works I didn't know how to dispose of, and I was the lucky recipient of a truck load of really nice (used once) professional grade moving boxes. I have seen all kinds of things come across the listserv, from a half built boat to boxes of baby clothes.

Check out some of these amazing freecycle design finds from other crafty bloggers. Top to bottom: the blue desk and recovered Danish Modern chair were spotted on Nina's Apartment Blog; the bookshelf is actually re-purposed book shelves - check out the before and after transformation over at the Crafty Nest; and last but not least don't you just love this adorable nursery courtesy of House of Turquoise? The chalk board was the freecycle find.

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Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

Thanks for the link-love! I remember thinking how awesome it was that she found that chalkboard on Freecycle. My brother has got/given away a ton of great stuff too. I really need to check it out! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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