Monday, June 8, 2009

Taste of Summer

The weekend on the lake hit the spot. Even though the hubby wasn’t able to make it and I was parenting solo, it still managed to be a very relaxing trip. I blame the all of the time spent on our friends’ boat, the comfortable accommodations, the perfect weather, the well behaved children, the excellent food, and the wine.

With the children all going to bed at seven each night, the adults had lots of time to enjoy our beverages, prepare and eat dinner, and wind down on the dock or the in big screened-in porch overlooking the river. On Friday, I made a quintessentially summer dish that I swear I could eat EVERY night, Green Beans with Roasted Corn and Green Onions.

I am not sure why Green Onions are in the title, because the dish actually calls for and tastes very good with red onions. I used one ear of corn per person rather than the measly two that the recipe calls for. I also accidentally omitted the butter, but found that the dish was very savory and flavorful without it. I think the butter actually would have made it too greasy.

Do you have a dish that you make to mark the start of summer? Oh, and if you have drink recipes go ahead and share those too…

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