Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small Space

I spent a lot time in our little half bath the other day repairing a small patch of chipped paint. You would think this would be a quick project, but my son wanted to help and boy did he. I gave him a little plastic spackle spreader (I am sure there is a technical name for this) and thought he would be happy to "pretend" to spackle. I even took the precaution of I setting the tub of joint compound in the sink, out of his reach (or so I thought). I was happy to hear him spackling away at the wainscoting until I heard a little voice say "more". It was then that I turned to see his go-go gadget arm stretching to reach and dip into the tub of joint compound. There was white joint compound everywhere. His shirt, hair, shoes, the floor, and all over the wainscoting. What should have taken 20 minutes tops, turned into an hour ordeal. But I digress...

After spending so much time in the bathroom I realized how much I like it. I know hanging up a boat load of pictures in a small space (4 1/2' X 3 1/2') a risky move, but I think it works. What do you think? And yes, all of the people in the photos are related to either me or my husband. I also purchased most of the frames at garage sales and spiffed them up with some black spray paint.


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Looks awesome! Great job!

Unknown said...

Love the black and white bathroom! And the story about your son 'helping' is adorable! I hope you took pics!


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