Monday, June 1, 2009


Hello, I my name is Amanda and I am a scrapaholic. I have been keeping "souvenirs" from life's special moments since I was 6. It started with little figurines my parents would buy for me during vacations. As I got older I started saving ticket stubs, dried flowers (I think I still have a very sad dried corsage from homecoming freshman year in a storage container somewhere). After college I realized that I had little time to archive all of my scraps and pictures into nice neat books, and so I started being more selective and creative with my scrapping.

For example, while honeymooning in Portugal I saved every ticket stub, brochure, receipt, etc. from our travels. When we got home, rather than hiding them away into some box or book, I took them to Kinko's and enlarged (200%) them. I then took what I thought were the most interesting elements and cut out 3x3' squares and mounted them with spray adhesive on foam board and put it in an Ikea frame. The result is the collage you see here. I love that at first, it just looks like a colorful piece of modern art. Every time I look at it, I remember that wonderful trip.

I recently started running races and true to form, I can't seem to part with my race numbers. I want to do something creative with them and found some great ideas searching the web. Check out this purse! Its even lined with old race t-shirts. Seeing as how I have only run three race this year, one of which didn't have numbers, I am aways off from anything like this. Maybe I can make a wallet. Click here to learn more about the crafter who made this bag and to view a tutorial.

I'd also love to hear, see your ideas for re-purposing and preserving race day ephemera.

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spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Love the race bib purse! Those things are pretty indestructible too. Great blog, Amanda!


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