Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making Memories

As I shared with you in my post entitled "Say No to Soap on a Rope" earlier this week, I decided to make a memory game for my husband for Father's day. Since my son LOVES to look at pictures of himself and "Daddy" I think they will have a lot of fun playing it together.

To make you own memory game you'll need:
  • 2 strips of balsa wood (the ones I used were 1/16" thick X 3" wide X 36" and were purchased at Micheal's)
  • Modge Podge (semi gloss)
  • small paint brush
  • straight edge
  • 2 sheets of 11"X 11"scrap booking paper
  • 24 photos (12 pairs) printed on regular paper
Cut 3" X 3" balsa wood squares. Cut photos and scrapbooking paper 1/8" shorter all around. Once you have cut all of your wood and paper squares, apply a layer of Modge Podge to one side of the wood and press on a photo. Allow to dry, then apply a second coat of modge podge over the picture to seal it. Dry, then repeat steps on other side of the wood with the scrapbooking sqaures. The balsa may warp a little when you apply the Modge Podge. If you set the sqaures on a flat surface they will flatten out as they dry.


Becky G. said...

Once again, so clever! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Unknown said...

What a great idea, so sweet!


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