Friday, June 19, 2009

Garden Party

Last weekend I spent a lot of time doing yard work. This weekend I plan to spend some time enjoying our lovely yard and deck. Maybe I'll even cook out and invite a few friends and neighbors over to enjoy our yard too. The following Friday Favorites from Etsy would really help set the stage for a great garden party!
Prior to the party there would be a little cleaning up to do. A weed here, a weed there... The utility apron by Yoopers would be great to wear while weeding, cleaning, cooking, or crafting. I love that it comes in a variety of fun prints. While working, I would tend to the needs of my feathered friends by filling Red Yellow and Blue Ink's great bird feeder with seed. It's made out of old stop lights - which makes it a great conversation piece. Speaking of conversation pieces, this little vintage garden gnome from Summer Ground would also give party guests something to talk about. He would also add a much needed pop of color to the shady area underneath my magnolia. To encourage party goers to explore the garden I would create paths with Stems of Stone's leaf stepping stones. It wouldn't be a party with out food and drink. The skewers from If Its Metal would be a big hit with my hubby, and grill master. And who could resist drinking sweet tea or mojitos from these fun glasses courtesy of The Vintage Bag Lady? Of course both drinks would be garnished with fresh mint plucked from the garden, and clearly marked by garden markers made by Monkeys Always Look. I can't imagine that guests would be in any hurry to leave such a fun and festive gathering. To light the night and keep the party going I would light up one of Joepapendicks's wonderful candelabras.

Sounds nice doesn't it? Now if 5 O'clock would just hurry up and get here...apparently I have a party to prepare for.


NeedSpark said...

Great post - I love the little garden gnome! Wouldn't Clare and Elliot have fun with him? Happy weekend!

Allison Cecil said...

What a lovely collection of etsy finds. Thanks for including me!

Jenny said...

ooooo, I wanna go to your garden party daydream, sounds delightful. Tanks for showing off my bird feeder, you've designed a wonderful garden space of he mind.


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