Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Delightful Deco

History has a way of repeating itself, especially when it comes to design. Art Deco, one of my favorite design movements, seems to be making a fresh, bright and bold comeback. Art Deco was popular from the mid 1920s to the late 30s and was inspired by the art (cubism, art nouveau, and futurism) and industry of the time. Some common themes in Art Deco design include, bold geometric patterns, curved lines, and nature. You can learn more about Art Deco here, here, and here.

I especially like these Art Deco influenced items because they all have a summery feel. I absolutely must own one of the GurglePot Lovely Koi Pitchers. I would love to fill the blue one with white tulips or maybe the orange one…decisions, decisions.

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