Thursday, June 11, 2009

Business Class

The hubby has been doing a fair amount of traveling lately for job interviews. This week he was in Seattle and D.C., and next week he's off to Pennsylvania. All of his travels as of late, inspired this week's Friday Favorites. After scouring numerous Esty shops, I found eight items that I would like to have the next time I take a business trip, or for that matter any trip. I could use a vacation.
I love coffee and Starbucks is always my first stop once I get through airport security. I would love to use Inbound Thread's witty and green coffee cozy to keep my hand from getting scorched. Of course I would also have to bring a book to keep me occupied on the plane. I think How About Orange's book cover is a great way to not only keep books from succumbing to wear and tear, but to disguise a book that isn't exactly the most intellectual thing I have ever read (say a book about teenage vampires). Since airplanes are always freezing I would bring along maryinks Abstract Stripe scarf. I like that its cotton and its neutral tones could be paired with just about any outfit. To help remind me of home I would wear a locket, like this one by Sea Unicorn, with pictures of the hubby and my son inside. Since I will undoubtedly pack more that I need to, I will surely need a nice big roomy bag to carry on the plane. I love this one by Sketch Book. Its classic styling is very appealing to me and I love that it has lots of pockets to keep me from having to dig, dig, dig for my boarding pass and ID when going through security.
Speaking of security, the Red Leaf shop has found a solution to the ban on liquid containers of a certain size with her Shampoo Bars. With scents like Fresh Clover and Black Tea, I am sure they beat any hotel's complimentary lotions and potions . Not to mention the fact that they probably make everything else in your bag smell nice too. To quickly identify my nice smelling bag at baggage claim I would use luggage tags like the His and Hers Tags by Thirty One Thirteen Designs.
Lastly, after being cooped up on a plane all day I'll want to get out and go for a walk or a run when I arrive at my destination (unless of course its a beach somewhere, in which case I'll want to lounge). I'll unpack my dirty running shoes from their own special shoe bag by Krista Marie Designs. In addition to being very cute, her bags appear to be very roomy and well constructed.

Now that I have found all kinds of wonderful travel accessories, I think I need to find a reason to take a trip...any ideas? I promise to send a post card when I get there.


Red Leaf said...

Thank you for featuring my shampo bar with case:) Your blog is really well designed and I'm totally jealous of your weekend on the lake!

Lori said...

Thank you for using my luggage tags. You have a great blog.


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